Showcase Unit Plan

In my Showcase Unit Plan I integrated reading, writing, and social studies.  The importance of intertwining subject matter is endless.  It shows students connections that will deepen their understanding and it helps students become more engaged and interested in every day lesson plans.

I centered my Unit Plan around the local author Patricia Polacco.  She lives in Union City and has based many of her stories from right in Michigan.  I focused on two of her stories to connect to social studies.  We read and studied her book, January’s Sparrow which part of the setting takes place right in Marshall Michigan where the students go to school.  It is the town in which the Crosswhite Family finds their freedom from slavery.  It is a powerful book that shows students just how real slavery was and it describes to them what the journey through the Underground Railroad would be like if they were a slave in the 1860s.  Polacco’s other book, Pink and Say is focused on the Civil War and the friendship of two soliders.  Both of these books were pivotal focus references to my Unit Plan and truely taught us about the Civil War, Underground Railroad, and slavery.  As we were reading and studying Patricia Polacco’s books we went through and learned about the writing process and important elements of a story such as conflict, characters, setting, plot, and theme.  The students brainstormed ideas for a story, wrote their own drafts, edited their stories and their peers using the six traits of writing, made final copies of their own book, and became an author as well.

Here you will see the lessons for all 15 days of my Unit Plan and some of the student work, evaluations, and assessments I used throughout the Unit.  Enjoy!

Lesson One

Lesson Two

Lesson Plan Three and Four

Lesson Five and Six

Lesson Seven

Lesson Eight

Lesson Nine

Lesson Ten

Lesson Eleven

Lesson Twelve

Lesson Thirteen

Lesson Fourteen

Lesson Fifteen, Sixteen and Seventeen

My Journey To Freedom: Life As a Slave– Students’ Collaborative Story 

Slave Story continued

Harriet Tubman

My Story Elements Web

KWL Chart on Civil War

Student’s Favorite Patricia Polacco book

A Divided Nation

My Story Elements Web

My Story Grading Rubric