Technology is used in a variety of forms during this unit specifically as well in my overall teaching.  Students use laptops to investigate online simulations at the start of the unit and again closer to the end for individual research.  Calculators are used to plot data and graph equation during the hyperbola lesson and throughout to support learning.  I use graph paper and patty paper as a form of technology that helps students to visualize these curves and understand how to create them.  Use of a computer and projector are a constant in my classroom as I project homework solutions daily for students to check their work and ask questions.  The computer is also used to take attendance and keep track of grades for all classes in the school.  Additionally I have an online learning environment that students can access on their own time.  This provides them with additional copies of in-class handouts and links to sites that will provide support for their learning.  While this is not used in class it is still a classroom use of technology and students can use it to contact me outside school.

The use of technology in the classroom can benefit students and improve their learning experience.  It gives students with different learning styles an opportunity to explore the subject in different manners.  Technology can also deepen the learning process as students are able to explore phenomenon to an extent beyond that which paper and pencil would allow. All of this is possible if technology is used well in a classroom to support learning and not take the place of it.  I use technology in my classroom because to some extent it makes students into teachers for themselves and their peers.  It gives them the responsibility to go digging for knowledge and they often come away with a deeper understanding as a result.  Due to the visual nature of this unit I used slightly more technology than usual, but whenever possible I try to use technology to provide another avenue to learning.  As an added bonus using a variety of technology helps prepare all students for the workplace where they will likely be asked to learn how to use new forms of technology.  Overall I believe that technology helps me to create a learning environment where every student has an opportunity to find success in the classroom.