Standards Addressed

Formative Assessment

Day 1
Learners will be better able to identify the various conic sections and where they originate.  G.1.7.2 Identify and distinguish among geometric representations of parabolas, circles, ellipses, and hyperbolas; describe their symmetries, and explain how they are related to cones. 

Conic Sections Explorer Activity and Presentations

Day 2
Learners will be better to write and transform equations of parabolas and draw parabolas given a foci and directrix.  A3.3.1 Write the symbolic form and sketch the graph of a quadratic function given appropriate information.

A3.3.2 Identify the elements of a parabola (vertex, axis of symmetry, direction of opening) given its symbolic form or its graph, and relate these elements to the coefficient(s) of the symbolic form of the function.

Folding Parabolas Activity and Homework

Day 3
Learners will be better able to write equation for circles and ellipses and describe the difference between the two.  G.1.7.1 Find an equation of a circle given its center and radius; given the equation of a circle, find its center and radius.

G.1.7.3a Graph ellipses with axes parallel to the x and y axes, given equations. 

Ellipse Compass Activity and Homework

Day 4
Learners will be better able to draw hyperbolas, write their equations and describe real world events that would create them.  G.1.7.3b Graph hyperbolas with axes parallel to the x and y axes, given equations. 

Follow Me Activity and Homework

Day 6
Learners will be better able to translate equations of conic sections by using the general form of the equation A2.2.2 Apply given transformations to parent functions, and represent symbolically.

Translation Activity and Homework