Use of technological tools, operations, and concepts to enhance learning, personal/professional productivity, and communication, including the ability to:

a.  Understand the equity, ethical, legal, social, physical, and psychological issues surrounding the use of technology in K-12 schools and apply those principles in practice;

While I used a fair bit of technology in my geometry class I was careful to balance it with hands on or written activities so as not to disadvantage students who has less experience and were thus less comfortable working with technology.

b.  Successfully complete and reflect upon collaborative online learning experiences;

For a pedagogy class I became a part of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and began to read some of the articles published through them.  I use this resource to continue to seek new research and new perspectives on math education in order to improve my pedagogy and develop my own philosophy and method of teaching.

c.  Demonstrate an understanding of and the ability to create an online learning experience, and demonstrate continued growth in knowledge of technology operations, resource evaluation for quality, objectivity, and reliability and concepts including strategies for teaching and learning in an online environment;

I created an online classroom where students could find the resources of the class at home.  They were able to download extra copies of assignments, access an online calculator, find extra help, and contact me directly through this website.

d.  Plan, design, and evaluate effective technology-enhanced learning environments and experiences aligned with Michigan’s Content Standards and Grade Level Content Expectations and Michigan Educational Technology Standards for each student;

Part of my geometry class was having a lab once a week.  This always used some sort of technology and I was constantly evaluating how successful each type was and adjusting based on that for future labs.

e.  Implement curriculum plans that include effective technology-enhanced methods and strategies to maximize student learning;

In my algebra II class I found that using a variety of technologies maximized student learning.  In one unit we used hands on manipulative, laptops, CBR’s, calculators, and student created technology.

f.   Apply technology to facilitate a variety of effective assessment and evaluation strategies; and

Many of my assessments in algebra II were half with calculator and half without.  This allowed me to see what students were capable of in each setting and if they were using technology effectively.

g.   Use technology to engage in ongoing professional development, practice, productivity, communication, and life-long learning.

I use technology to continue my research into teaching and find support when I have a question.  This happens mainly through online research databases, but also though professional development websites and forums.