In this portion of my portfolio I will attempt to demonstrate the ways in which I have met the standards established by the State of Michigan and by Albion College for becoming a teacher.

The Albion College Education Department expectations for teacher candidates is as follows.

  1. Teacher candidates will have a greater awareness of the teaching profession as an honored profession that has a strong tie to the liberal arts tradition of continuous learning.
  2. Teacher candidates will develop the habit of reflecting on the purpose of schooling, the relationship between school and society, their role and commitment to educating students, and their own classroom practice. Students will become reflective scholars, democratic community builders, and learning-centered curriculum builders whose conduct and commitment to teaching exhibits authenticity and integrity.
  3. Teacher candidates will have a strong sense of civic responsibility and will be leaders in educational reform initiatives at the local, state, and national level. Teacher candidates will be role models of outstanding classroom teachers and intentional agents of change.
  4. Teacher candidates will acquire and wield substantive “habits of mind” in the use of educational technology, which will allow them to thoughtfully influence how technology is used in diverse school settings. Each student will complete digital presentation portfolios by the time they graduate, and apply for the Consortium for Outstanding Achievement in Teaching with Technology (COATT) for excellence in teaching with technology.
  5. Teacher candidates will develop a research and scholarship agenda that will address issues of public policy in Education, as well as serve as a competitive advantage in their professional development and advancement.

The State of Michigan has established a set of professional standards which I have also outlined in this portion of my portfolio.

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