March 20th, 2009 by Nicole Battista

Knowledge of subject matter and pedagogy with reference to the MCF and other state sponsored resources, for consistent and equitable learning in Michigan schools, including the ability to:

a. Design and implement instruction aligned with the MCF, Universal Education Vision and Principles, and the Michigan Educational Technology Standards

Each of my lesson plans in Student Teaching was based around a MCF benchmark or standard in my content area throughout Student Teaching. I made sure to cover at least 2-3 during every 80-minute block.

b. Create learning environments that promote critical and higher order thinking skills, foster the acquisition of deep knowledge, and provide connections beyond the classrooms to promote substantive conversation and clear structured writing among teachers and learners regarding subject matter acquisition

To provide connections in using the Spanish language beyond the classroom, I took my Spanish II students on a field trip to a Mexican restaurant. At the restaurant, students were required to order in Spanish with the Spanish-speaking staff.

Artifact #9 is the consent form that students had signed in order to go on the field trip.

c. Help each student to learn how to safely and responsibly access and use resources to become a discerning independent learner and problem solver (e.g., print materials, information technology, assistive technology)

In Maymester, my students completed a research project on famous environmentalists. Before working in the computer lab, we had an informational session on computer etiquette and the possible dangers of the world wide web. We also discussed social networking sites and how critical it is to monitor closely what information we put on the web.

d. Design instruction so that students are engaged in actively integrating and transferring knowledge across the curriculum

I constantly connected Spanish grammar and literature to that of their English classes. Since the 10th grade English teacher is a close colleague of mine, I was able to determine what they were learning in that other class.

e. Engage students in activities that demonstrate the purpose and function of subject matter to make connections to the world beyond the classroom and enhance the relationship and relevance to a global society

Throughout my lessons, I brought my own personal experiences from studying and travelling abroad into the classroom.

Artifact #10 is a powerpoint of my experience in Spain that I utilized when we were reading a chapter that focused on Madrid. Please see “Powerpoint of Spain” in the About Me tab.

f. Evaluate, adapt, and modify instructional strategies, technologies, and other educational resources to enhance the learning of each student

One day I thought it would be a great idea to play hangman using vocabulary as a class. I realized that it was not getting everyone in the class involved and some students were disengaged. I then decided to modify the activity so that students were in pairs. In pairs, the activity was much more effective. Everyone was working simultaneously and students felt more at ease with a partner rather than saying new words in front of the whole class.

g. Embrace teaching through appropriate and creative activities utilizing instructional techniques that are supported by current research

By completing an Action Research project, I was able to complete research and implement some of the strategies and methodologies into my lessons.

Artifact #11 is the powerpoint that I presented on my Action Research study during Student Teaching. Please see “My Presentation” in the Research tab.

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