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April 27th, 2010 by Nicole Battista

Maintaining a positive and comfortable learning environment:

“Nicole created and maintained a positive rapport and productive learning environment with and for her kids.”
-Peter Delmotte, Mentor Teacher, Marshall High School

This quote from my mentor teacher shows how I work to create positive learning environments work my students to work in.

Presenting Student of the Month

I got the opportunity to present the Student of the Month Award for M.H.S. I chose this particular student because I wanted to reward her for always making my classroom a comfortable learning environment for others with her positivity and encouragement. She helps her classmates and always treats her peers with respect. I wanted others to see that I value this characteristic because it contributes to a comfortable learning environment.

Students working together.

Both of these pictures demonstrate how my students have learned to work as teammates and get the job done.

Teacher Evaluation

I am constantly asking my students for their feedback so that I can make my classroom the best learning environment possible.

Student note

Another student note

These student notes show their thoughts on my classroom and techniques in creating my classroom environment.

Student Survey

The motivation for my Action Research project was to research and test which learning environments in my classroom support student self-confidence. Here is an example survey that I used in data collection.

High expectations and standards:


This example rubric and completed dialogue shows how students met my high standards in completing the assigned project.


This student note recognizes how I am fun and exciting, but how I also expect great things from my kids.

“Nicole always seeks to provide prompt feedback to her students. Her tests and quizzes are typically graded and ready to hand back the next day of class.”
-Peter Delmotte, Mentor Teacher, Marshall High School

“Nicole not only expects excellence of herself, but she also encourages her students to do his or her best at all times. “
-Peter Delmotte, Mentor Teacher, Marshall High School

Both of these quotes from my mentor teacher emphasize how I hold myself to very high standards. I do not expect anything of my students that I do not model myself.

Students and teachers should become lifelong learners:

M.A.T.E. conference
I attended the Michigan Association of Teacher Educators Conference in order to learn more about education and get ideas from other teachers and administrators. I know that I still have so much that I can learn, and I am constantly seeking out opportunities such as this to find ways to improve myself as an instructor.
Assistant Principal Observation Notes
I sought out the Assistant Principal while student teaching to come in and observe me as she does for other teachers. I wanted her valuable feedback and I knew she would be very honest with me. After observing and taking notes, she and I had an in-depth conference taking about what she saw. It was so beneficial for me to hear what she had to say. We developed concrete ideas for ways for me to improve and I worked hard to implement these changes.
Restaurant Scene Project
This is a picture of a table setting that my students created in order to present their dialogues to the class. In teaching students to actually apply the information learned from a textbook, I am helping them see tangible value in learning and hopefully motivating them to see the value in what they learn in my classroom.

“One of the many things that stand out from Ms. Rotondo as a student, and that was evident from her first semester here, is her eagerness to ask questions. Ms. Rotondo was never satisfied learning a specific grammatical lesson; she has always pursued the reasons why. It was clear to me from the beginning that she was not content with learning the language (something she has clearly been able to master); she invested much time and energy to also understanding it. Her curiosity has not only helped her peers in the classroom to comprehend intricate linguistic structures, but it has also pushed me to explain myself better and become a better professor. Ms. Rotondo’s level of curiosity is not common in undergraduate students, yet it reflects her true vocation as a teacher. I am certain that it is such inquisitiveness and thoughtfulness about the learning processes that will make her a superb instructor.”

-Julia Medina, Professor of Spanish, Albion College

This quote from my Spanish professor and advisor shows that I am a curious learner who does not just learn material; I desire to know more. I am constantly asking questions. I never view the learning process as complete and I demonstrate that there is always more to be known. I model the teacher-learner behavior that I try to teach my students.

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