My Philosophy
January 6th, 2010 by Nicole Battista

A comfortable learning environment
Teachers must strive to find ways to create a nurturing environment where students are at ease and highly capable of learning. In teaching a foreign language to adolescents, it is especially important that they possess self-confidence and feel comfortable expressing themselves in another language that is relatively unknown to them. My classroom fosters respect for students of all capabilities. Demonstrating one’s best efforts is what is expected, nothing more and nothing less.

High expectations
My classroom is enjoyable and exciting, but students know that I also maintain high standards. I know my students well and relate material directly to their lives. In response, I expect a lot from students, particularly their dedication and attention. Students are asked to come to class prepared with homework and materials. They are also required to fully participate in class discussions and activities while showing respect towards their peers. Not only does this aspect of my philosophy pertain to the students, but to myself as well. I model high expectations for myself as a teacher and educational professional.

Becoming lifelong learners
Most teachers have chosen their career because they love learning and know a good education is invaluable. A good teacher knows that education is a lifelong process. As a teacher, I strive to promote lifelong learning in both my students and in myself. I create a curiosity and a hunger to learn with my enthusiasm and energy. I am constantly finding new ways to learn about language and culture and bring this material to the students. I show my students just how important it is that they take their academic work seriously, since it promotes success throughout the rest of their lives. Studying veteran teachers, doing research, and continuing my graduate studies are just a few ways I seek to be a lifelong learner.

With my 5th Block Spanish II Class

With my 5th Block Spanish II Class

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