An understanding and appreciation of general and liberal arts including English, literature, humanities, social sciences, mathematics, natural or physical sciences, and the arts and the ability to:

a. Synthesize, analyze, reflect upon, and write with clarity and structure about ideas, information, and data from a general and liberal education, and the relationships between the various disciplines; As a liberal arts college, Albion provided me with a rich education that taught me how to fully develop all of these important characteristics across all of the classes that I took.  This is especially apparent in the requirement of Modes, which highlighted such skills as analysis and reflection.
b. Understand and appreciate free inquiry in English, literature, humanities, social sciences, mathematics, natural or physical sciences, and the arts; Specifically in my Education course, Teaching for Understanding in a Diverse World: Inquiry and Reflection in the Pedagogy of Elementary Mathematics and Science, we discussed and determined the importance of the process of inquiry.  The course emphasized how inquiry leads to discovery and the acquisition of meaningful knowledge because the learner is personally invested.
c. Understand global and international perspectives of the disciplines; During the last semester of my senior year, I was lucky enough to be selected to go study and teach at schools in Noisy-le-Roi, France.  While I was there, I collected information about how the French and American educational systems compare to each other.  This experience shifted my scope of perception, as I now know how each country has a different approach to education.  Language Learning in French School.
d. Understand the tenets of a free, democratic, and pluralistic society; Albion College maintains a policy that allows and actively encourages all students to voice their opinions, concerns and beliefs.  This is a celebrated example of how a free society fosters and supports the diversity that exists among people.
e. Understand and respect varying points of view and the influence of one’s own and others’ ethics and values; In my education course, Foundational Contexts of Education, I performed a case study on a member of a different ethnicity than me.  This assignment allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of how a person with a much different background sees the world.  It also helped me to see that there are also shared values and ethics that bridge the gap between cultures.
f. Understand and respect the role, rights, and value of the individual in a free democratic society; At Albion College, student elections were held each semester for various student leadership positions.  I not only felt like it was my duty to vote but it also allowed me to have a voice in the affairs of Albion.
g. Understand technology and its use for gathering, processing, evaluating, analyzing, and communicating ideas and information; Throughout my time as a college student, I have had to use technology to complete various assignments and research papers.  I also had to provide evidence for how I used technology sources wisely.  To me, technology can be a tool that enhances the educational experience and I will bring this excitement for it into my own classroom.
h. Understand the similarities and differences within our culture that support the importance of common good and responsible citizenship within our American society; During my education course, Boundary Crossings in Elementary Schools, I pre-student taught in a fifth grade class in Albion.  As a requirement for the course, I had to create an unit plan that taught the importance of what it means to be a community.  For our final project, my students wrote articles exemplifying this for our class newspaper.
i. Understand the constitutions and histories of the United States and Michigan; While I was a student at the University of Michigan-Dearborn, I took a course entitled, History for Elementary School Teachers.  It was through this class that I built upon and expanded my pre-existing knowledge of my country and state.
j. Understand and respect individual differences, including the differences identified within the State Board of Education (SBE) Universal Education Vision and Principles; and As part of the education program, Albion College requires its students to spend time in a public classroom for each of its courses.  This has allowed me to gain firsthand experience of how different and unique children in one class are, as well as across entire schools.  My professors helped me improve my skills of listening and observing to understand, respect and honor each child.
k.  Demonstrate the abilities and skills necessary for effective communication in speech, writing, and multimedia using content, form, voice, and style appropriate to the audience and purpose (e.g., to reflect, persuade, inform, analyze, entertain, inspire). As an English major, I completed many different courses in literature and writing.  These classes taught me the importance of how to manipulate language based on purpose and audience.  This is illustrated in a research paper I did about the role of women in the novel, The Odd Women and Eighteenth-Century women.  You can view this research paper here.

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