Facilitation of learning and achievement of all students (in accordance with the SBE Universal Education Vision and Principles), including the ability to:

a.  Apply knowledge of human growth, development, and learning theory to design and implement instruction for the continuing development of students’ cognitive, affective, physical, emotional, and social capacities;

The topic of my Action Research Project was to discover how I could promote positive behavior choices among my students—choices that could be applied in and out of the classroom setting.  In order to effectively choose a strategy that would do just that, I had to find research about the physical, cognitive, social and emotional states of seven-year-olds.
b.  Assess learning and differentiate instruction to maximize student achievement and to accommodate differences in backgrounds, learning modes, disabilities, aptitudes, interests, and levels of maturity;

As part of completing my Showcase Unit Plan for my student teaching placement, I had design it in a way that made it meaningful and interesting for my class of students.  You can see this in my Unit Introduction.  I also included multiple types of objectives to accommodate and foster the different learning styles of my students.
c.  Understand the connections between instructional decisions, grading, and assessment data.  Use formal and informal, as well as formative and summative, assessments to evaluate learning and ensure the academic achievement of all students; I also included the use of many different types of assessments in my Showcase Unit Plan during my student teaching experience.  I also included a section at the beginning that is dedicated to defining the different types of assessment and to explaining why I chose the kinds and where they are present in my lessons.
d.  Discern the extent to which personal belief systems and values may affect the instructional process and grading, and adjust instruction and interactions accordingly; As a person and as an educator, I place a high value on effort.  It is for this reason that when I was collaborating with my Mentor Teacher during my student teaching placement about quarter grades, I often wanted to give the students who I believed had hard work ethics higher grades.  I had to remind myself that subject grades are based on student achievement and I resisted this temptation.
e.  Differentiate instruction in an environment that facilitates each student’s learning and access to an equitable education; As my class that I student-taught in consisted of 22 diverse second graders, I designed lessons to foster all of their different styles of learning.  I also specifically designed lessons for my Reading Interventions group.  The goal of my lessons were to help low level readers become more fluent and quicker at making words.
f. Design and implement instruction based on Michigan Curriculum Framework (MCF), using multiple approaches to accommodate the diverse backgrounds, abilities, and needs of students, and modify instruction based on assessment data; As part of every lesson that I designed and taught for my student teaching experience, including all of my lessons in my Showcase Unit Plan, I included one or two Michigan Grade Level Content Expectations. (GLCE’s) Each of my objectives intended to completely satisfy these GLCE’s.
g.  Understand, design, and implement grading processes and assessments, using multiple approaches to accommodate diverse backgrounds, abilities, and needs of students; As part of my student teaching experience, I was responsible for grading many different kinds of classroom and homework assignments.  A couple of my students had Special Needs and I graded their work with expectations that were specific to their individual learning differences.
h.  Exercise informed judgment in planning and managing time and resources to attain goals and objectives; As part of my student teaching experience, I assumed all teaching responsibilities.  This included planning the daily and weekly schedules in their entirety.
i.  Promote literacy in a variety of contexts (e.g., numeric, graphics, textual, multi-media, artistic, and digital); and As part of my Showcase Unit Plan, I designed an Online Learning Environment during my student teaching experience.  Its purpose was to allow students to explore and learn with a different learning medium.  The OLE can be found here.
j.  Design, adopt, implement, and advocate for accommodations including assistive communicative devices, assistive technologies, and multiple strategies to enhance learning opportunities according to each student’s needs. Also as part of my student teaching experience, I met with my mentor teacher, parents and the principle to advocate for Child Studies on five of my students.  Each student had a specific concern and I collaborated on what next step needed to be taken to aid them in their learning career.

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