Knowledge of subject matter and pedagogy with reference to the MCF and other state sponsored resources, for consistent and equitable learning in Michigan schools, including the ability to:

a. Design and implement instruction aligned with the MCF, Universal Education Vision and Principles, and the Michigan Educational Technology Standards; As part of every lesson that I designed and taught, including all of my lessons in my Showcase Unit Plan, I included one or two Michigan Grade Level Content Expectations.  Also, I met an objective of the Michigan Educational Technology Standard in this lesson..
b. Create learning environments that promote critical and higher order thinking skills, foster the acquisition of deep knowledge, and provide connections beyond the classrooms to promote substantive conversation and clear structured writing among teachers and learners regarding subject matter acquisition; All most every time I would read my student teaching class a book, I would always have them articulate connections, either orally or written.  Types of connections included Text-to-Self, Text-to-Text and Text-to-World.
c. Help each student to learn how to safely and responsibly access and use resources to become a discerning independent learner and problem solver (e.g., print materials, information technology, assistive technology); I assisted each of my second grade students in learning how to save their documents on a flash-drive and how to print their documents.  I also assisted each student in learning how to log in and to navigate the Renaissance Learning program successfully.
d. Design instruction so that students are engaged in actively integrating and transferring knowledge across the curriculum; As part of the science unit, I designed a lesson where students had to use both science and language arts knowledge.  For this assignment, students had to write a story about how a raindrop falls from a cloud and travels to the ocean.  Their story had to include important aspects that we had been learning in our writing, such as an interesting opening line, details and focus.  An example story can be found here.
e. Engage students in activities that demonstrate the purpose and function of subject matter to make connections to the world beyond the classroom and enhance the relationship and relevance to a global society; The purpose of my Showcase Unit Plan was for students to answer the question:  What does government look like in my life?  Throughout the unit, students made connections and relationships between government systems and their school system.
f. Evaluate, adapt, and modify instructional strategies, technologies, and other educational resources to enhance the learning of each student; and During the chapter of two-digit addition in our math book, it was apparent to me that students needed more practice and time before the test.  Therefore, I pushed the test back by two days and found supplemental math worksheets to give students the extra support they needed.
g. Embrace teaching through appropriate and creative activities utilizing instructional techniques that are supported by current research. Throughout my student teaching experience, I have designed and taught lessons that utilized discussions, research-based learning, partner work, technology, small-group instruction, and individual tasks, as well as many other different types of teaching methods.

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