Participation in professional, local, state, national, and global learning communities, including the ability to:

a. Understand the structure, function, purpose, and value of education and schools in a free, democratic, and pluralistic society; During my last semester of my senior year, I studied abroad in Nosiy la Roi, France.  While there, I did a comparative study about the educational systems of France and America.  Therefore, I have quite an extensive knowledge of American education.
b. Synthesize a teacher’s role in a changing society with the evolution of educational foundations and policy perspectives; Also due to my study abroad experience in France, I was able to articulate the role of the teacher in both educational systems.  My research paper can be viewed here.
c. Demonstrate an understanding of and participate in related organizations and activities in the communities in which the teacher works; I participated in the afterschool program, Community Unlimited, during my student teaching placement.  I tutored and created relationship with fourth grade students in my school building.  Here is an example of a
d. Use community and home resources to enhance school programs and instruction; During my student teaching placement, I contacted the Union City Newspaper to see if they would publish my students’ Thanksgiving Turkey stories.  Much to my happiness, a few of them were published and the students were very excited!
e. Design learning activities for students that involve volunteer groups, civic and social organizations, and relevant public service agencies; and During my pre-student teaching experience, my fifth grade students designed and enacted their own community service project of mentoring younger students in grades 1 & 2.
f. Participate with professional educators, school personnel, and other stakeholders in collaborative and cooperative planning, decision-making, and implementation, to improve educational systems at all levels. As part of the full responsibilities of being a student teacher, I have attended all staff meetings, professional development days and school-improvement meetings.

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