Our world is full of words.  In order to function as a member of our society, you need the ability to read, write and effectively use spoken language.  As a teacher, I not only want to prepare my students to be successful in the classroom but more importantly, in the real world.  That is why I feel it is so important to instill within my students the importance of literacy.

Reading opens the door for children to explore new ideas and thoughts that they had never thought previously existed.  Writing allows students to express themselves and to effectively organize their thoughts.  Literacy also allows students to understand how presenting their ideas, whether through writing or speaking, is integral for not only my understanding but for theirs.

Literacy is the bond between all subjects.  It is also the bridge that connects the school and the real world.  Literacy is all encompassing and I wish for my students to be able to understand this and embrace it.  It is my desire to be a teacher that embodies this belief in and out of the classroom.


Science Lesson: From Cloud to Ocean

What I really loved about this lesson was how I was able to integrate writing and English Language Arts skills into our science lesson!  This was one of our last lessons before the chapter test so I really wanted to be able to evaluate how much my students understood about the path that a raindrop would take when it lands on a landform.  I figured that writing would be the best method for seeing the students’ current level of knowledge.

Writing Lesson & The Lucy Calkins Writing Program

I really admire how the Lucy Calkins program shows students how they are real authors.  I tried to design my lessons, such as this one, to emulate this kind of thinking.  I know that the more a teacher can connect the material she’s teaching in the classroom with the real world, the more likely the students will find it meaningful.  Also, the chapter on Small Moments allows students to write about themselves.  This is very powerful because that means they are making a stronger relationship with literacy through their own thinking.

Social Studies Lesson: For The Common Good

This lesson had a strong foundation in literacy because it allowed students to express themselves through words and illustrations.  It’s very enlightening to point out that many of my students chose to include speech bubbles in their drawings.  This shows how they are becoming more and more comfortable and excited about using written language to express their ideas.

Self-Reflection Sheets

I created these reflection sheets as part of my Action Research Project.  After doing extensive research and drawing upon professional literature, I discovered that reflecting through writing would be most beneficial in motivating my students to change their behavior for the better.

Classroom Betterment Writings

After we had a particular hard afternoon, I thought it would be beneficial for the students to think about behavior that would make the classroom a better place.  Writing them down effectively allowed the students to organize and then express their ideas.  I also believe that it gave them a few moments to calm themselves and to refocus.

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