“Education is not a preparation for life; education is life itself.” -John Dewey

Education is…

A Continual Commitment to Learning

It is my inherent belief that a true teacher is one who has, and continues, to dedicate their life to learning.  Learning is the foundation for all understanding and it encompasses all the concepts of what it means to be a teacher.  A truly effective educator is one who embraces the fact that curriculum will change, as well as educational policies.  She understands that each child, each class of students, each school and each community is unique in their own special way.  The teacher understands and welcomes the diversity of individuals and ideas that will change her heart and mind forever.  She embraces the idea that she can learn just as much from her students as they can learn from her.  She is a committed and passionate learner, who continually chooses to be inquisitive and allows her most ardent beliefs to be changed by the process of learning.   A true educator understands that learning and education are integral to living a full and inspiring life.

An Earnest Desire to Understand

It is my understanding that a teacher should create a classroom environment that fosters and encourages learners to take control of their own learning.  True, and therefore deep, learning occurs when a person makes the invested decision to take responsibility for this acquisition.  Therefore, I believe it is the teacher’s responsibility to understand each child’s unique learning styles and ways of thinking.  She can then use this information to teach in a way that inspires each child to reach their fullest potential.  At the same time, this philosophy embraces the child’s individuality, as each student will understand that they are special and fully capable of learning successfully.  A true educator is one who guides children so that they may discover who they are as individuals and as learners.  She also inspires students to express their own opinions with confidence and to nurture their own ideas and ways that allow them to gather knowledge.

A Foundation based in Literacy Learning

One simple concept has become ingrained into my being: a true educator is one who understands the importance of literacy in learning.  She understands that literacy encompasses all subjects and that student success is built upon the strong foundation provided by literacy.  She understands that facets of language, such as speaking and writing, are linked by literacy.  Student expression and articulation lie at the root of a strong education built upon literacy understanding.   Literacy has the potential to bridge gaps created by social, economic and racial environments because of its power to foster understanding our diverse backgrounds serve as our strongest links.   Literacy has the power to heal, inspire and promote life-long learning because it has limitless potential; literacy is the basis for all understanding.

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