Other Education Artifacts

The following pieces are an assortment of artifacts which I have collected over the course of my education. Some are classroom handouts, some are assignments from college classes, some are examples of students work- but all relate in some way to my work as a teacher. Some of these were the source of a reflection or a question about teaching, some arose from considerations about the Professional Standards for Michigan Teachers, and some are meaningful for other reasons.

This is one of several postcards our class received when a student's grandparents, who winter in Alabama, found out we were learning about the Southeast region of the US.


The student's grandparents also took the time to include information about the place or thing pictured.



Literature Circle Rubric

Bilingual Education

Students working on models on their researched individual.

An exciting mess!

Painting Davy Crockett

Showing a student how to tie Bill Monroe's tie.

Some of the finished bobbleheads.

Writing from Knowledge1

Writing from Knowledge

Writing from Knowledge 2

Winter Writing

Upcoming Events & Staff Meeting


States of Matter Report Card

StandardsBasedReportin&Special Needs Student

St. Claire County Math and Science

Spring Conferences

Seating Chart

Role Sheets

Professional Development Day


Math Schedule Gibbs and Dennis

Math Examples on Notebook page

Hughes PCO News

Frank Center

Dream b-day


100 Lap Club


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