Action Research Project

My action research project examined lining up in the classroom. Specifically, the investigation was driven by one principle question: How do I get all 21 fourth graders in the class to line up more quickly and quietly when transitioning from our classroom to another area?

My original intention was to collect baseline data, create an intervention, and assess the efficacy of the intervention. However, my thinking changed quite profoundly over the course researching the question so that the focus became the influence of my perceptions on classroom routines, student perceptions of classroom routines, and the ways in which these are similar or different.

Included here are the three memos outlining my thinking during the three rounds of data collection as well as my PowerPoint presentation from the Capstone Symposium on Teaching at Albion College on April 15, 2011. This presentation was recorded and is available through the Albion College Education Department.

Where Are We Going, and How Do We Get There

Action Research Memo1

Action Research Memo2

Action Research Memo3

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