My experiences and progress in the Albion College Teacher Education Program

Ethically-grounded deliberator

Ethically-grounded deliberator

As an educator, I am always aware of my actions and how they can affect students. Showing students that I liveĀ  and work with integrity on a daily basis allows students to trust me and see me as a role model for their own behavior. And if I want students to live truthfully, honestly, with sincerity and genuineness, then I need to be model those behaviors for them in all of my interactions.

In the classroom, I never belittle students or lie. Students know they can trust me and take what I say as the truth. This trust is incredibly important in a performance based class like middle school band. During student teaching, when working with the 8th grade band, I had one piece of music with 4 or 5 different solo parts. This required the soloists to practice with 75 classmates looking on and listening to every mistake or missed note. Anyone can see how this would be nerve racking and if I did not have the student’s trust, they would have no reason to play or be expressive int heir solos. They would probably be more worried about what their peers thought than the music. But because I showed students’ integrity and they knew I would not lead them astray, they all worked hard, performed without fear and did a wonderful job at their winter concert.

My student teaching experience taught me a lot about how to work with diverse individuals and treat everyone with respect. I had students of many different ethnic backgrounds and cultures as well as students with problems at home, problems at school, learning disabilities and physical disabilities. It was very important to me then, and still is now, that students see me treatingĀ  everyone with respect. Music is very much a collaborative subject that involves everyone working together and with one another, especially in instrumental and vocal music. Understanding that everyone is different and that is okay, is incredibly important for students to learn. I think the best way for students to learn this is to see it in practice from me, and then do it themselvel

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