My experiences and progress in the Albion College Teacher Education Program

Habits of Mind

Habits of Mind

Throughout my experience in the Albion College Education Department, Shurmur Education Institute, I was expected to develop myself as a:

1. Teacher-scholar: curious, critically thinking risk-taker and problem-solver

2. Learner-teacher: thoughtful and caring, open and eager to know and to be known and to respect self and others

3. Perspective taker: seeking out, valuing and incorporating different viewpoints and positions about learners, learning , teaching and subject matter

4. Youth advocate: desiring a more fair, equitable and democratic society

5. Ethically grounded deliberator: living and working with integrity.

Please look at the linked narratives attached to this page to see how I have developed in all the above areas while in the Albion College Education Department.

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