Professional Teaching Standard #6

1. Participation in professional, local, state, national, and global learning communities, including the ability to:

6a. Understand the structure, function, purpose, and value of education and schools in a free, democratic, and pluralistic society;

In my travels abroad, I have seen the impact that schooling can have.  With my students, I like to impart this knowledge and teach them that education, especially the kind they receive in the United States, is not something that should take lightly.  I try to show them that their education is something that is envied around the world, and that it can help them change and shape the world.

6b. Synthesize a teacher’s role in a changing society with the evolution of educational foundations and policy perspectives;

As a teacher, I understand that I am at the forefront of a changing society.  After working in the classroom, I now know that students aren’t just prepared for the workforce in school.  We also help students become productive members of society.  In my classroom, I like to show students the importance of their education, and how they can change society with their actions not just in the business sector, but also the social.

6c. Demonstrate an understanding of and participate in related organizations and activities in the communities in which the teacher works;

Concord High School prides itself on its athletics and its arts.  Before arriving at the school, I did not know how important these aspects of the school were.  During my tenure, I attended football events and arts events when I could in order to support my students and immerse myself in the Concord community.

6d. Use community and home resources to enhance school programs and instruction;

Throughout my time in the educati0n program at Albion College, and during my student teaching, I used a number of community resources in order to improve my classroom.  Resources included the different libraries in the area and at the schools, colleagues, and online resources such as JSTOR and MELcat in order to obtain educational assets in order to improve the classroom experience.

6e. Design learning activities for students that involve volunteer groups, civic and social organizations, and relevant public service agencies; and

My Maymester project taught students about the impacts of war and violence on the environment.  Students were shown how different weapons and the march of war had affected the environment in the past and present and were made aware of the general impact of human life on the environment.

6f.  Participate with professional educators, school personnel, and other stakeholders in collaborative and cooperative planning, decision-making, and implementation, to improve educational systems at all levels.

My cooperative teacher during student teaching was on the committee for IEPs at Concord Public Schools.  With her, I attended meetings regarding IEP plans for students and provided input in to the use of IEPs.  In addition, I worked with teachers, paraprofessionals, and other school staff to help develop better special education programs for individual students which has created effects for all students with IEPS.

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