Professional Teaching Standard #5


Systematic reflection to organize and improve teaching and develop effective relationships, including the ability to:

a. Uphold the State of Michigan Professional Code of Ethics and engage in meaningful self-evaluation;

During my student teaching I made my cell phone number available to students in case they needed it for academic reasons.  If student contact started to veer from academic reasons, I politely reminded students that they should only contact me for these reasons, and not for personal ones.

b. Identify and use current research to reflect on and improve one’s own practice related to content, technology, pedagogy, and other factors that impact student achievement;

During my student teaching, I created an action research project that used research information from a variety of sources about student-led direction as opposed to teacher-led direction.

c. Develop positive relationships with other teachers, parents/guardians, students, administrators, counselors, and other personnel to benefit students and to influence one’s own professional growth;

In my time at Concord High School, I was able to develop relationships with teachers.  I was invited to after-school activities and to eat in the staff room with teachers.  In addition, I developed relationships with parents and students by making my cell phone number available to them for academic purposes.

d. Analyze the effects of teacher dispositions, decisions, and actions upon others (e.g., families, other personnel, and all students, including those with disabilities) and adjust interactions accordingly;

While student teaching, I became frustrated with one particular student.  This student seemed to always be resistant to doing work and didn’t see the importance in my class. After talking to her and observing her behavior in class, I learned that she was suffering from depression and problems at home.  Through self-reflection, I have realized that poor performance on a student’s part is not always the students fault.

e. Embrace and model teaching as a lifelong learning process and continue efforts to develop professionally;

I have shared with my students my love of learning about a multitude of subjects, not just the ones in which I teach.  I will engage in students and tell them about the “next big thing” that I heard about on the radio or read in the news regarding the subjects they learn about it school.  Many times, I drew correlations between their lives and the information that I had learned

f. Involve and work effectively with parents/guardians and implement school-wide parent involvement plans to maximize opportunities for student achievement and success;

As a part of my student teaching, I had to attend parent/teacher conferences.  During one particular conference, a group of teachers spoke with an academically challenged student as his parents.  Together we worked with his parents to create a new schedule that would allow him to perform academically, and succeed.

g. Interact with parents/guardians using best practices for personal and technology-based communication, to maximize student learning at school, home, and in the local community; and

For student teaching, I tried to interact with parents in whatever ways were technologically convenient.  For many, I provided my phone number so they could contact me at home.  For those with internet access, I provided my e-mail address so they could contact me at their convenience.  Using these methods, many problems for students were addressed before they became larger issues.

h. Participate in the development of individualized plans for students with disabilities (Individual Education Plan (IEP)).

Throughout my student teaching, I interacted with the special education teacher regarding students.  In addition, my cooperating teacher was on the committee which helped identify students in need of IEPs.  While working with these students, the comprehensive plans that the three of us developed were put in to practice in order to help students succeed.

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