Risk-Taker and Problem-Solver

Curious , critically thinking risk-takers and problem-solvers

For my action research project, I decided to study the efficacy of student-led teaching versus that of teacher-led teaching.  Due to the issue of students not always responding to the techniques I used in the classroom, I knew I would have to take a risk in order to improve their recognition and retention of vocabulary.  To this end, I enlisted the help of my greatest asset, my students.  Each week, students led their cohorts in exercises over the vocabulary.  They used what they knew and found to be the best learning/teaching techniques and applied them in the classroom through the eyes of both student at teacher.  Over the course of this “experiment”, student performance increased in regards to the vocabulary quizzes.  Without assessing the situation for what it was, a disconnect with student learning styles; and providing students with an alternative solution, letting them teach, I may never have found a better way to help my students learn.

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