Perspective-takers, seeking out, valuing and incorporating different viewpoints and positions about learners, learning, teaching and subject matter:

As a student teacher, I understood that my perspective regarding education, particularly Spanish education, was different than many.  When going into the classroom the first day, I wished to put myself into the shoes of students who had not been using Spanish for the last 15 years of their lives. I wanted to understand their trials and tribulations and create curricula that addressed these needs in as many ways as possible.  To begin, I immediately started teaching with many different techniques so that I could teach to different student perspectives.  I used games, movies, writing, speaking, and listening to appeal to different kinds of students, especially to those who learned in a different way than I.

In addition to teaching with different techniques, my students also had the opportunity to teach each other.  I am fully aware that I may never understand the perspective of every student, but by using students as leaders, they were able to share their own perspectives and teach more effectively than I could have.  In some cases, this experiment failed, but for many students it was helpful to have someone with the exam same perspective in front of them teaching material.

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