Alex in Noisy

From January 2-16, three Albion College students and Mae Ola Dunklin, the Director of the Education Department, will spend time in Albion’s sister city, Noisy-le-Roi.  The objective of the trip is to spend time in French public schools while piloting the program for future students.

The students’ responsibilities are to learn about French culture and education, participate in classroom lessons, conduct an inquiry project, and present at the Education Capstone Symposium.  In order to more fully learn about French culture, students will live with host families while  in Noisy.

All of the above may sound like a lot of work, but the trip is not without its fun.  During the stay, students will travel to Paris, Versailles, and other schools in France. Not only is the trip an invaluable learning experience, it will help create a stronger relationship between sister cities Albion and Noisy-le-Roi.

I am a student currently on the trip in Noisy and this is my travel blog! Each day listed includes reflections on personal learning  experiences and pictures of my time spent in Noisy, different schools, and travels.  Hopefully, this blog will serve as a visual to what is described above and future students will be able to use it as a guide for their trips to Noisy-le-Roi!


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  1. Jason Moritz Says:

    I anxiously await your photos of Paris. Enjoy!

  2. Turke Tour Operators Says:

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  3. Get A Trip Says:

    My mother was a school teacher therefore we were able to get a sabbatical for one full year and backpack all over the world. In subsequent years she led the “People to People” groups to such places as where you are in France. This sounds like an unparalleled education for you guys and we wish you the most on your journey.

  4. Linda Says:

    Thanks for your post! Nice travel, nice photos!

  5. vietnam travel Says:

    enjoyable experience and can make close relationship with other is quite important. You should open up your mind and blogging with your true feeling. I love to read your blog and your pictures as well.

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