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    2010 - 10.24

    A. When incorporating technology into the classroom, I believe in the importance of accounting for the “equity, ethical, legal, social, physical, and psychological issues surrounding the use of technology in K-12 schools” and strive to “apply those principles in practice.”  In my own teaching, I have had the most experience with navigating the equity and ethical issues surrounding technology use.  These issues primarily surfaced in relation to the limited accessibility of my students’ access to technology.  The creation of the virtual learning environment created as a part of my Showcase Unit plan was an important navigation of these issues, and I worked to ensure equal access to the environment by incorporating the experience into the classroom work.

    B. I believe that I “successfully complete[d] and reflect[ed] upon collaborative online learning experiences” in the creation of, and reflections upon, my virtual learning environment, created as a part of my Showcase Unit Plan taught during my Professional Internship.  I worked hard to incorporate an online learning experience that was appropriate and beneficial for my learners, reflecting throughout my planning and the implementation of the experience in order to best serve my students’ needs.

    C. I demonstrated “an understanding of and ability to create an online learning experience” again, in the creation of my virtual learning environment during my Professional Internship.  Again, my virtual experience was based in the needs and abilities of my learners, as well as my own skills with technology.

    D.  As in my teaching at large, I strive to “plan, design, and evaluate effective technology-enhanced learning environments and experiences aligned with Michigan’s Content Standards and Grade Level Content Expectations and Michigan Educational Technology Standards for each student.”  Just as in the unit at large, my virtual learning environment, created as a part of the aforementioned Showcase Unit Plan, was based in the Grade Level Content Expectations for my third graders, and the particular needs that I observed in my classroom.  In particular, I worked to create an environment which would help my students to review and confirm their learning throughout the unit, with particular emphasis on their growth in terms of becoming more interested and excited about reading (R.AT.03.01), and in their ability to identify and articulate features of what they read (R.CM.03.02, R.NT.03.03).

    E. Also in my virtual learning environment, I believe that I was able to “implement curriculum plans that include[d] effective technology-enhanced methods and strategies to maximize student learning.”  The learning environment was really the final part of my Showcase Unit Plan, and allowed me to evaluate student learning across the unit, as they applied their understandings in a different and cumulative way.

    F. In terms of assessment and evaluation, technology was really important during my Professional Internship.  With numerous assessments which were mandated, and other assessments and evaluations which were more personally driven, my mentor teacher and I used technology to manage and analyze our students’ work.  We collected data throughout our teaching, and technology was incredibly important to our understanding of that data.  Not only did computer programs allow us to house our data in an accessible way, but they also allowed us to make comparisons across data.  These analyses were really important as we made sense of what information we gathered about our learners, using that information to better our instruction.

    G. I used technology to “engage in ongoing professional development, practice, productivity, communication, and life-long learning” throughout my teaching.  In my Professional Internship, during Maymester, and in all of my teaching experiences, I have spent time conducting online research, and using technology to consult other professionals in order to better understand my own teaching and the manner with which I can improve in my teaching and learning practices.  I am a life-long learner, and I will continue in this path of ongoing development throughout my career.

    Please click here to view the virtual learning environment that I created for my learners.

    Please click here to read further reflections on this environment and its use in my classroom.

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