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    2010 - 11.21

    Throughout my years at Albion College, I spent ample time working in the Albion Public School district–primarily at Harrington Elementary.  These opportunities to observe and teach were an important introduction to what it means to be an educator.  Of these important field placements, my professional internship (in Mrs. Ellenwood’s 3rd grade classroom) was undoubtedly the most important.

    During my professional internship, at Harrington Elementary in the Albion Public School District, I had the opportunity to implement several curricula…

    • In Reading and Writing, I helped my teacher initiate the use of The Daily 5 ELA program in our classroom, in which students worked to build their stamina in the important tasks of “read to self,” “read to someone,” “listen to reading,” “word work,” and “work on writing.”
    • In spelling, which I began teaching at the start of the semester, we used the Words Their Way framework, allowing the students to work with sound and spelling patterns in words at their level.
    • In math, I taught from the Everyday Mathematics curriculum for 3rd grade.

    As I taught using these different curricular frameworks, I maintained a constant focus on student needs and achievement, learning to balance the necessity of beginning instruction with the needs of learners while also adhering to the curricular demands of school, district, and state.

    • In December 2010, I graduated second in my class of roughly 380 students.
    • To review my transcript, please click here.

    After graduation, I build on these experiences and skills in my work as an overload aide in the Wayne-Westland Community School district, working in two different classrooms at Edison Elementary.

    • To read a letter of recommendation from Mrs. Brewster’s, one of the teachers with whom I worked as an overload aide,please click here.

    This year, I am working as a teacher at the Huntington Learning Center, helping students to improve their skills and achievement in reading, writing, and study skills.  My work also includes helping students to prepare for, and improve their scores for, the ACT and SAT college admissions exams.

    Finally, I am also currently working as a student interventionist at Adams Upper Elementary School in the Wayne-Westland Community School District, working with at-risk students and helping them to increase their achievement in mathematics and reading.

    • To read more about these experiences, please click here for my professional resume.

    Please click on the respective links below to review additional letters of recommendation, written for me by professors and peers in the field of education.

    • To read the recommendation from Mrs. Jodie Ellenwood, my mentor teacher during my professional internship (student teaching), please click here.
    • To read the recommendation from Dr. Kyle Shanton, professor of Education at Albion College, please click here.



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