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    2010 - 09.07

    I have had the distinct pleasure of working for the last six summers as a camp counselor, lifeguard, and swim instructor within the recreation department in Bay View, MI.   My job includes planning and implementing various daily activities for  a group of 9 to 10 year old girls (for two hours each weekday morning), and helping to plan and teach swim lessons in the afternoon to children ages 3 to 14.

    My work has included planning field trips, securing adult volunteers for various functions, organizing and executing fund-raisers (with the involvement of parents and children), managing behavior, implementing daily events with flexibility and success, and more.

    I have also had the opportunity to grow in leadership, beginning as an “Assistant,” becoming a “Head Assistant” two years later, and eventually officially taking charge of my particular group as a “Head Leader.”  As “Head Leader,” I also gained the task of managing the work of several other employees, and even planned an activity which involved the entire group of campers and staff.

    In my 6 years on staff, I have been honored with several awards.  My peers and superiors in the recreation department elected me “Assistant of the Year” in 2006 and “Leader of the Year” in 2011.

    The summers I have spent as a staff member of the Bay View recreation program have been incredibly enriching and rewarding, and have also helped to prepare me for my career as an educator.  Many of the lessons and skills that I have learned in the planning and implementation of these summer events are entirely transferable to teaching.  I have learned the importance of planning and working with flexibility, how to negotiate with colleagues and parents, and perhaps most importantly, I have learned a lot about how young people think and interact socially.  All of this knowledge will help me to build rapport with students, colleagues, and parents in the classroom.

    In short, I believe that my summers have made me a much better person and teacher than I would be otherwise.  I am grateful for the knowledge and wonderful memories that I will carry with me from these experiences into the future and into the classroom.

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