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    2010 - 09.02

    Welcome to my professional teaching portfolio!  My name is Elizabeth Dunlap and  this site documents my understandings of teaching and learning and my experiences in the field of education.

    In the pages of this website, you will find a summary and extended analysis of my teaching philosophy,  reflections upon the Professional Standards for Michigan Teachers, information regarding my professional experiences both in and out of the classroom, and documentation of lessons and units that I have planned and taught.

    During my years at Albion College, I worked in numerous classrooms in the field placements which accompanied my education courses, and as both a tutor and volunteer.  These experiences allowed me to observe both how students learn and how classrooms function, and also enabled me to plan and teach lessons and units for the first time.  I taught with a focus on student needs and abilities and in adherence to the guidelines of several curricula, as well as the expectations set forth by school, district, and state.

    After graduation, I continued to learn more about teaching and learning as an overload aide at Edison Elementary School in the Wayne-Westland Community School District, administering several formal assessments and using those assessments to guide and inform instruction.

    My current work as a teacher at the Huntington Learning Center in Canton, MI and as a student interventionist at Adams Upper Elementary School (in the Wayne-Westland Community School District) has allowed me to gain more experience in the incredibly important task of improving student achievement.  This work has enabled me to help students refine, and in some cases relearn, the skills necessary to increase success in grade level mathematics, reading, and writing tasks.

    I also have several years of experience working with diverse groups of youth outside of the classroom.  As a camp counselor and swim instructor, I spent six summers planning and implementing activities and field trips, fundraising, managing behavior, and teaching swimming lessons to children.  These experiences will inform the manner with which I successfully create a classroom community, plan and execute effective lessons and assessments, and interact positively with parents and colleagues.

    These very different teaching and learning experiences have given me the skills necessary to meet the needs of diverse learners.  I am committed to using those skills to create a learner-centered classroom community in which students are supported both as a group and as unique individuals.

    Thank you for the opportunity to introduce myself.

    Please feel free to explore the reflections and artifacts housed in the pages of this portfolio.  Use the links at the top and right-hand margins as a guide.  Enjoy!

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