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Standard 6.D

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008

“Use community and home resources to enhance

school programs and instruction.”


Students learn best if they are able to make connections between the material they are learning and their own lives. For many lessons and units, utilizing community resources in order to enhance instruction is one way to actively engage students with the material and with their communities.


During my Social Studies Pedagogy class, I designed a “Policy Issues” unit plan that utilizes local resources in the Albion area. This unit plan could be extremely effective, because it helps students to make close connections to many policy issues that may otherwise seem distant from their own lives. Helping students to see local connections would perhaps increase efficacy and passion about certain policy issues, perhaps even spurring local action. I found my research for this unit plan to be so fun, and I learned a lot about the Albion area during the process. I think it is important to teach students about their surrounding community—it instills a sense of pride and identity, as well as a coherent connection to the history of an area.


In the future, I hope to be able to conduct similar background research on the area in which I am living, and to incorporate local history and resources into lessons and units.



          Policy Issues unit plan