Philosophy of Teaching


Amy Everhart


I believe that all students have the ability and right to learn; that all students deserve to be pushed to their highest level of learning. Each student is an individual, and deserves to be treated as so. As a teacher, it is important to me to get to know my students on a one-on-one basis, to develop relationships so that I know my students, their strengths, and their needs. Curriculum and lesson plans should be designed around methods that best help students to learn.


Students should be pushed to learn how to be well-rounded, functioning members of society. Within a safe, stimulating and interactive classroom environment, they should be able to develop their own views on the world through critical thinking, perspective-taking, and social learning. Students should be able to learn how to be positive adult figures through watching their teachers. Thus, teachers should live their lives with integrity, modeling to their students how to be open-minded intellectuals that consider and challenge new and different ideas. Teachers should be approachable and warm, so that students feel safe within the classroom walls, and so that classroom discussion can go beyond surface-level. Upon leaving my classroom, I hope that students feel challenged and inspired.

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