Standard 5.C

“Develop positive relationships with other teachers, parents/guardians, students, administrators, counselors, and other personnel to benefit students and to influence one’s own professional growth.”


I believe that positive relationships are the foundation to successful teaching. During my student teaching, I was able to develop relationships with a handful of teachers, with several students, and with the high school counselors. Also, I had some interaction with parents at parent/teacher conferences and during phone calls home, both of which laid a foundation for future interaction and collaboration. Each of these interactions helped me in some way to be better able to understand my students, as well as to seek extra support in helping individual students (whether through parental support at home, support from other teachers, or support from students’ respective school counselors).


One teacher in particular, another English 10 teacher, worked closely with me and my mentor teacher to share lesson plan ideas and to develop common assessments. This teacher taught English 9 the previous year, and was able to give me insight on some of the students that I had in my classes. It was helpful to be able to have extra input on how to accommodate certain students’ needs. In watching this teacher interact with my mentor teacher, it was also so encouraging to see two teachers putting their heads together to come up with even more creative lesson plans.


Through one-on-one tutoring during 3rd hour lab class, lunchtime, and after school, I was able to develop some meaningful relationships with students. I was able to help students with their English, as well as work from other classes (including Spanish, Biology, and Algebra), and also had some deep conversations about things that these students were encountering outside of school. In knowing some of the struggles that students were encountering, I felt as though I was better equipped to teach them. Also, these students trusted me, and were more responsive to my teaching than earlier in the semester, before I got to know them. At the end of my time with these students, I wanted them to know that I appreciated our one-on-one time together. I wrote them a letter, encouraging them to push forward through the tough stuff they may be encountering. At the end of my student teaching, my mentor teacher had the students write me ‘goodbye’ poems. From many of these poems, I could tell that these students had appreciated our one-on-one time, as well.


School communities should be considered communities first. Every member in the community has a different role, and developing relationships with different members of the community helps to keep the whole school running well. I have learned that relationships with various members within the school community are vital to successful learning.



          Letter to students

          Student poems:

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