Standard 5

Responsibilities and Relationships to the School, Classroom, and Student

“Systematic reflection to organize and improve teaching and develop effective relationships.”


a. Uphold the State of Michigan Professional Code of Ethics and engage in meaningful self-evaluation


Leadership Ethics helped me to start addressing ethical issues regarding positions of power/leadership (i.e., teacher/student relationships).


My action research project during student teaching worked towards helping students have more open minds toward diversity.


During my student teaching, I worked with students one-on-one to make sure that they were keeping up with their classes.



b. Identify and use current research to reflect on and improve one’s own practice related to content, technology, pedagogy, and other factors that impact student achievement


The action research project that I worked on during my student teaching used current research about social learning about racism/prejudice to drive action research project centered on how to combat racist attitudes in the classroom.



c. Develop positive relationships with other teachers, parents/guardians, students, administrators, counselors, and other personnel to benefit students and to influence one’s own professional growth*


During my student teaching, I developed relationships with other English teachers, made phone calls home to parents of students (both for feedback and praise), and worked with counselors and administrators in IEPs.



d. Analyze the effects of teacher dispositions, decisions, and actions upon others (e.g., families, other personnel, and all students, including those with disabilities) and adjust interactions accordingly*


During my student teaching, I learned that some students would get in trouble at home if grades weren’t plugged into the gradebook immediately—after realizing this, I tried to get grades in as soon as I could so that their current grades would be as up-to-date as possible.


In my three weeks of working with students during Maymester, one main piece of feedback I got continuously from the students was that they appreciated that I didn’t yell at them, and that it made them want to work harder in class. Many of these students have had discipline problems, but I learned through this experience that even students who need stronger discipline and structure appreciate it when they are respected and treated nicely. I think it is so important for teachers to develop relationships with their students so that they always feel safe in the classroom setting.



e. Embrace and model teaching as a lifelong learning process and continue efforts to develop professionally


For each unit during my student teaching, I would do my own background research on the literature that we were doing and provide supplementary materials if necessary, or even draw on my own research in order to explain things in class.


All of my coursework has helped me to have a liberal arts understanding of learning, and has helped me so much already to be able to explain things to students, because I can conceptualize topics on many levels (i.e., climate change or obesity).



f. Involve and work effectively with parents/guardians and implement school-wide parent involvement plans to maximize opportunities for student achievement and success


During student teaching, I made phone calls home to parents of students who deserved praise or who may need extra help succeeding in class, and discussed student progress at parent/teacher conferences.



g. Interact with parents/guardians using best practices for personal and technology-based communication, to maximize student learning at school, home, and in the local community


During my student teaching, the Power School program allowed parents/students to see current grades as soon as they are saved in the gradebook.


During student teaching, we had e-mail contact with parents.



h. Participate in the development of individualized plans for students with disabilities (IEP)


During student teaching, I went to a couple of IEPs for students and tutored one student as an accommodation decided upon in her IEP.

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