Standard 3

Curricular and Pedagogical Content Knowledge Aligned with State Resources

“Knowledge of subject matter and pedagogy with reference to the MCF and other state sponsored resources, for consistent and equitable learning in Michigan schools.”


a. Design and implement instruction aligned with the MCF, Universal Education Vision and Principles, and the Michigan Educational Technology Standards


Throughout my time with the Education department, I have planned and taught lessons framed around Curriculum Standards.


I have used technology as a supplement to many of my lessons during student teaching.



b. Create learning environments that promote critical and higher order thinking skills, foster the acquisition of deep knowledge, and provide connections beyond the classrooms to promote substantive conversation and clear structured writing among teachers and learners regarding subject matter acquisition*


During my student teaching, I challenged students to critically think about literature and social topics, through journal-writing, discussion, and peer-to-peer interaction. I tried to provide “real-life” connections to in-class topics in order for students to connect themes to their own lives and current society.



c. Help each student to learn how to safely and responsibly access and use resources to become a discerning independent learner and problem solver (e.g., print materials, information technology, assistive technology)


During our research project for Maymester, I provided students with outlined information to find on their specific athlete and athlete’s country, and provided several “starting points” in order to access reliable, safe information on the Internet; also, I provided supplemental print materials to help students find the information they needed.



d. Design instruction so that students are engaged in actively integrating and transferring knowledge across the curriculum


The curriculum that I taught during student teaching is framed by driving questions that mesh together for overall cohesiveness and clarity—progression of curriculum throughout semester helps students to draw their perspective first from themselves, then further outward.


The unit plan that I designed and taught for Maymester (Boundary Crossing) social studies, science, and current issues.



e. Engage students in activities that demonstrate the purpose and function of subject matter to make connections to the world beyond the classroom and enhance the relationship and relevance to a global society


The unit that I designed and taught during Maymester helped each student to connect to a specific individual in another country, as well as to make an overall connection to the global issues relating to the environment.


The action research that I worked on during my student teaching (“Combating racist attitudes in the classroom”)—focused on social learning and encouraging students to expand their viewpoints beyond what only they have experienced.



f. Evaluate, adapt, and modify instructional strategies, technologies, and other educational resources to enhance the learning of each student


During my student teaching, I provided supplemental materials for students to help them organize information and projected certain supplemental material on the board.



g. Embrace teaching through appropriate and creative activities utilizing instructional techniques that are supported by current research*


At the beginning of each hour while I was student teaching, we started with yoga/stretching, which stimulates the crossing of the midline in the brain and helps students with reading comprehension and memory.

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