Standard 1

Subject Matter Knowledge-Base in General and Liberal Education

“An understanding and appreciation of general and liberal arts including English, literature, humanities,

social sciences, mathematics,

natural or physical sciences, and the arts.”


a. Synthesize, analyze, reflect upon, and write with clarity and structure about ideas, information, and data from a general and liberal education, and the relationships between the various disciplines*


Most classes at Albion College are writing intensive, and so each of my classes have further built my ability to critically analyze and synthesize ideas.


Some specific types of courses that have really challenged me in this aspect are: literature courses, Political Science courses, and my “Great Issues” classes for the Honors Institute.



b. Understand and appreciate free inquiry in English, literature, humanities, social sciences, mathematics, natural or physical sciences, and the arts


Through my English major and Political Science minor, I have been able to explore my own viewpoints in matters related to English, literature, humanities, social sciences, and the arts.


Through fulfilling my course requirements for the Modes and Categories required by Albion College, I have been able to explore many social matters related to mathematics and the natural or physical sciences. (Specific courses: Great Issues in Science: The Science of Food & Cooking, Geology: Earth Resources & Environment)



c. Understand global and international perspectives of the disciplines


My coursework in English/Language Arts (specifically Spanish 201 & 202, Women & Literature, British Literature, and Greek & Roman Literature) helped me to gain global perspective on the art of language and literature.


My coursework in the Humanities (specifically Great Issues in Humanities and Leadership Ethics) helped me to further understand global and international perspectives on ethical and moral issues that unite all humans.


My coursework in the Social Sciences (specifically Great Issues in Social Sciences, Anthropology 101, Political & Social Movements, Public Policy Analysis, and International Relations) has helped me to conceptualize cultural, political, and social issues in other countries, as well as America’s interaction with these issues (through foreign policy and aid, and alliances).


My coursework in the Natural or Physical Sciences (specifically The Science of Food & Cooking, and Earth Resources & Environment) has given me the basic scientific knowledge to understand certain issues we are facing today, such as obesity and climate change.


My coursework in the Arts (specifically Great Issues in Fine Arts, and literature courses) has helped me to come to appreciate art as a phenomenon that transcends national boundaries.



d. Understand the tenets of a free, democratic, and pluralistic society


Through my Political Science courses, I have been able to explore the meaning of democracy both in a national and international context.


Through many of my English courses, I have been able to explore some of the social issues relating to true democracy and equality.


During my student teaching experience, I had students do an activity centered on the Core Democratic Values in celebration of Constitution Day.



e. Understand and respect varying points of view and the influence of one’s own and others’ ethics and values


My Anthropology 101 course helped me to see norms in other cultures and realize the constraints of ethnocentrism.


My coursework for the Ford Institute helped me to further develop my own views on policy issues, as well as learn about others’ viewpoints on such issues.


My English coursework helped me to indirectly experience things that authors have experienced, and helped me to further understand the influence one’s own experiences have on how a story is told.


International Relations helped me to further understand others’ (classmates, as well as other countries’) views on international policy.



f. Understand and respect the role, rights, and value of the individual in a free democratic society*


Coursework for Ford Institute helped me to further realize the importance that all of our individual passions have in helping certain policy issues to get addressed.


English coursework (specifically “Women & Literature” and “The Problems of Race in American Literature”) helped me to indirectly experience stories of discrimination and its effects.



g. Understand technology and its use for gathering, processing, evaluating, analyzing, and communicating ideas and information


English 348: The English Language helped me to further understand the impact that technology has on our language use and communication.


Sec. Ed: Boundary Crossing & Student Teaching Seminar (Maymester) gave me further experience in utilizing on-line technology to present ideas and information and create online learning communities.


All courses have encouraged on-line research and the use of computer programs to organize and present information.



h. Understand the similarities and differences within our culture that support the importance of common good and responsible citizenship within our American society


English coursework has helped me to see the experiences of individuals in present-day and historical America—their struggles, their victories, and how American culture influenced their lives (and vice versa).


Political Science 367: American Political Thought focused on foundational American theorists, such as Whitman, Thoreau, Emerson, Lincoln, and others, and helped me to further understand the context of American democracy and its implications to individuals’ lives.



i. Understand the constitutions and histories of the United States and Michigan


Through my Political Science coursework, I have interacted with the Constitution and its implications to certain historical and present-day situations.


During my coursework for the Ford Institute, I have discussed the implications that specific aspects of the Constitution have on public policy issues.



j. Understand and respect individual differences, including the differences identified within the State Board of Education (SBE) Universal Education Vision and Principles


English coursework has helped me to read about experiences of others who may have had different experiences due to race, gender, time period, social class, or country.


Education coursework has prepared me to understand the viewpoints of those with learning and other disabilities.


Political Science and Ford Institute coursework has helped me to understand the viewpoints of individuals with different moral, ethical, or religious beliefs.



k. Demonstrate the abilities and skills necessary for effective communication in speech, writing, and multimedia using content, form, voice, and style appropriate to the audience and purpose (e.g., to reflect, persuade, inform, analyze, entertain, inspire)


All coursework has helped me to sharpen my skills as a critical thinker, writer, and speaker.


Creative writing courses have helped me to explore different facets of expressing experiences and viewpoints.

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