PSMT Standard Group #7: Technology Operations and Concepts


Use of technological tools, operations, and concepts to enhance learning, personal/professional productivity, and communication, including the ability to:

a. Understand the equity, ethical, legal, social, physical, and psychological issues surrounding the use of technology in K-12 schools and apply those principles in practice; Throughout my education classes I have been taught how to use programs such as WordPress and Moodle. I have also learned how to upload teaching videos, pictures, and resources for students on the computer.
b. Successfully complete and reflect upon collaborative online learning experiences; As part of my Showcase Unit plan during my Student Teaching semester, I created a virtual learning experience, and reflected upon its efficacy.
Click here to view my reflection of my virtual learning environment.
c. Demonstrate an understanding of and the ability to create an online learning experience, and demonstrate continued growth in knowledge of technology operations, resource evaluation for quality, objectivity, and reliability and concepts including strategies for teaching and learning in an online environment; I implemented an online learning experience for my second grade students as part of the completion of my Showcase Unit plan, and reflected upon the use and efficacy of that experience.  Additionally, in creating a poetry unit in Writing Workshop, I used as another means to engage the students.
d. Plan, design, and evaluate effective technology-enhanced learning environments and experiences aligned with Michigan’s Content Standards and Grade Level Content Expectations and Michigan Educational Technology Standards for each student; In the creation and implementation of my student teaching Showcase Unit Plan—Creating a Community—students were engaged in a technology-enhanced lesson, relating to the Michigan Educational Technology Standards and connecting to the second grade Social Studies GLCE: G1.0.2 Use maps to describe the spatial organization of the local community by applying concepts including relative location and using distance, direction, and scale.
e. Implement curriculum plans that include effective technology-enhanced methods and strategies to maximize student learning; In my Showcase Unit plan and during part of the poetry Writing Workshop lessons, I used websites to enhance the effectiveness of my lessons, and to engage my students.

As part of my Maymester unit plan, I used viewing the documentary I created to maximize and enhance student learning.

Within my student teaching placement, the students used the computer to take Accelerated Reader tests, which were taken after finishing a book, and tested for comprehension.

f. Apply technology to facilitate a variety of effective assessment and evaluation strategies; In many of my education field placements, students took Accelerated Reading tests to measure reading abilities and reading comprehension. The students received points depending on the level of book they read and the number of questions about their book they read
g. Use technology to engage in ongoing professional development, practice, productivity, communication, and life-long learning. The creation of my digital portfolio as part of my student teaching fulfillment helps me continue to engage in professional development, as I reflect on my progress thus far and how I continue to further develop the five Habits of Mind and engage in the Professional Standards for Michigan Teachers.

My classroom Twitter account and website helps to use technology to communicate with parents, as do e-mail correspondences.

Finally, continuing to develop my skills in WordPress, using Moodle, and other similar websites, as well as using various sites to further my knowledge in teaching and other subject areas will allow me to continuously evolve and grow as a lifelong educator and learner-teacher.