Professional Standards for Michigan Teachers

Upon entry into an approved teacher preparation program in Michigan, teacher candidates experience ongoing professional development as reflected in the standards listed below. These research-based standards provide a framework of rigorous subject matter knowledge from general and liberal education, relevant pedagogical knowledge for optimal student learning, achievement, and participation in a global society.

A certified teacher within the State of Michigan must initially possess and be able to demonstrate continued growth in each professional standard.  The following are how I have worked toward the appropriate level of mastery for each of the following Professional Standards for Michigan Teachers:

  1. Subject matter knowledge-base in general and liberal education
  2. Instructional design and assessment
  3. Curricular and pedagogical content knowledge aligned with state resources
  4. Effective learning environments
  5. Responsibilities and relationships to the school, classroom, and student
  6. Responsibilities and relationships to the greater community
  7. Technology operations and concepts