Ashley Hall's Professional Education Portfolio

K-12 Certified Music Educator

Substandard E


Use of technological tools, operations, and concepts to enhance learning, personal/professional productivity, and communication, including the ability to:

e.  Implement curriculum plans that include effective technology-enhanced methods and strategies to maximize student learning;

This standard addresses the effective use of supplied technological support in and outside the classroom. While here at Pennfield, I’ve become familiar with the program Zangle. Zangle is a comprehensive network program that gives teachers access to student information, as well as a means to document grades, class participation, and attendance. Zangle then has a second connection, called Parent Connect, in which parents can log in and check on their student’s progress at school. Detailed reports can also be created for parent, teacher, or student use.

With this program, I can apply assignments across grade levels, as well as directly pull information from student files for class use (such as creating labels for music folders/instrument tags). The program also helps me keep an eye on students who may be falling behind, helping me keep track of my students’ progress and letting me know who is at risk in my classroom.

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