Ashley Hall's Professional Education Portfolio

K-12 Certified Music Educator

Substandard E



Participation in professional, local, state, national, and global learning communities, including the ability to:

e.  Design learning activities for students that involve volunteer groups, civic and social organizations, and relevant public service agencies;

This substandard addresses the teacher’s ability to organize volunteer groups, civic and social organizations, and/or public service agencies in their learning activities. This happens each fall between the marching band and the varsity cheer team.

During home football games, you’ll always see three things; football players, the marching band, and the varsity cheer leaders. Each is rivaling for your attention and it is up to these three groups to share the performance platform which is the football field.

Music educators need to be conscious of the rules of the football game — not playing during a play, cutting off the band at the whistle of a referee, playing the fight song with each touch down, etc. The band director also needs to be conscious of when the cheer leaders are giving a cheer. The voices of the students don’t stand a chance to carry over the sound of the band so playing during a cheer would be¬†disrespectful. A band director must always be aware of what’s going on on the field, in the stands, and on the track, and share the platform accordingly. Communication is key.

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