Ashley Hall's Professional Education Portfolio

K-12 Certified Music Educator

Substandard D



Participation in professional, local, state, national, and global learning communities, including the ability to:

d.  Use community and home resources to enhance school programs and instruction;

This substandard addresses the teacher’s ability to utilize community and home resources to the best that they can, while still holding high standards in the performance of their students and themselves.

In band communities, teachers from neighboring school districts will reach out to each other in times of need. With the current economic situation, it hasn’t always been possible for schools to give money to the band program for new music, instruments, and the like. However, school districts borrowing copies of a song or a certain percussive instrument has become common practice. Also, on the rare occasion, lending a student or two for a specific performance has¬†occurred, though it is not as common as the lending of music.

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