Ashley Hall's Professional Education Portfolio

K-12 Certified Music Educator

Substandard C



Participation in professional, local, state, national, and global learning communities, including the ability to:

c.  Demonstrate an understanding of and participate in related organizations and activities in the communities in which the teacher works;

This substandard addresses the teacher’s contributions to their school’s community and organizational events, as well as their support of extra-curricular activities. This happens all the time in the band program, but especially with the marching band program. The marching band is one of the most seen groups from your school district; they perform at home games (and sometimes away games), holiday and home-coming parades, grand-opening events within the community, pep ensembles within the school district’s different buildings, etc.

At all of these events, the band needs to be well-prepared in their music, marching, and attire. Any time the marching band performs, it is representing its district and community. It’s important to look and sound the best you can.

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