Ashley Hall's Professional Education Portfolio

K-12 Certified Music Educator

Substandard A


Systematic reflection to organize and improve teaching and develop effective relationships, including the ability to:

a. Uphold the State of Michigan Professional Code of Ethics and engage in meaningful self-evaluation;

This substandard addresses the teacher’s consistent demonstration of the importance of professional and ethical behavior in all matters of the classroom, school, and community.

While completing my pre-student teaching in a 1st-5th grader special education classroom, I learned a great deal about ethical behavior and the proper handling of delicate situations. Many of these students had issues with a variety of things — from female authority figures to not punching something every time they got angry. The situation I’m about to reflect on dealt with inappropriate touching during a group activity.

On one occasion, I was reading a book to a small group of students (two males, two females). During the reading, I noticed that the two boys had started touching themselves inappropriately. Being that the boys were much older than the girls, I wanted to stop the situation without bringing much to the girls attention. With a quick innovation, I said, “All hands on the table!” and smacked the table with both my hands quite loudly. All the students, boys and girls, slammed their hands down on the table. I then began an echo clapping game where the students mimicked the patterns I demonstrated. I even had the other students create patterns of their own for us to echo. My mentor teacher saw this and said my use of the echo clapping game to safely correct the behavior, given the fact that I’d only been in the classroom a few weeks, worked out extremely well and was appropriate for the situation.

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