Ashley Hall's Professional Education Portfolio

K-12 Certified Music Educator

Substandard G


Management and monitoring of time, relationships, students, and classrooms to enhance learning, including the ability to:

g. Establish a learning environment which invites/welcomes collaborative teaching practices;

This substandard addresses the methods of collaborative teaching. At my student teaching placement, we were blessed with three teachers in the classroom at any given time — my mentor teacher, an assistant band director, and myself. Having so many faces to put in front of one band gave the students multiple perspectives and instruction on the music they rehearsed.

It also gave the students who needed additional help a warm body to work with. While one teacher was rehearsing the band, another could pull out a student who needs help, while the third could walk around the ensemble and help correct students who are play a note or passage incorrectly, or remind them to play with good posture.

I know most programs are not this fortune and I know I am not likely to be working with collaborative teachers on a regular basis; but the experience was wonderful and has given me wonderful perspectives on the benefits of collaborative teaching and an appreciation for the teachers who do what they do without the additional help.

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