Ashley Hall's Professional Education Portfolio

K-12 Certified Music Educator

Substandard E


Management and monitoring of time, relationships, students, and classrooms to enhance learning, including the ability to:

e.  Understand and uphold the legal and ethical responsibilities of teaching (e.g., federal and state laws and SBE policies pertaining to positive and effective learning environments, appropriate behavioral interventions, student retention, truancy, child abuse, safety, first aid, health, and communicable disease);

This substandard addresses the teacher’s responsiveness to incidences in the classroom that require immediate attention, such as behavioral interventions, child abuse, first aid, and communicable diseases.

During my student teaching placement, I did have an issue with a baritone player in my Middle School Band. During class, the young man got a bloody nose and bled on his baritone. We excused the students to go to the bathroom and asked the students to move away from where the baritone and floor were spotted with blood. Using gloves, we moved the baritone to the band office and locked the door to prevent students from touching it. We then called the office and asked to have a janitor come and clean the floor and the baritone with the proper cleaning agents. Because all the classes use the same instruments (they all are responsible for purchasing their own mouthpiece), it was important that we get a substitute baritone out for the student to use until the other instrument could be properly cleaned. We handle the situation quickly and correctly and prevent any issues that blood-borne pathogens could have caused from poor or unprotected clean up.

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