Ashley Hall's Professional Education Portfolio

K-12 Certified Music Educator

Substandard B


Knowledge of subject matter and pedagogy with reference to the MCF and other state sponsored resources, for consistent and equitable learning in Michigan schools, including the ability to:

b. Create learning environments that promote critical and higher order thinking skills, foster the acquisition of deep knowledge, and provide connections beyond the classrooms to promote substantive conversation and clear structured writing among teachers and learners regarding subject matter acquisition;

Moodle can be a great aid in the classroom, especially the instrumental music classroom that is ill-equip for writing assignments during class instruction time. Pennfield’s high school students use Moodle forums to create reflection times and generate a pool of ideas for things they enjoyed or would like to see done differently in the future. Each student received a grade for completing the assignment, but the motivation to complete the assignment was to provide feedback on the quality of a specific event, program, music, marching, and so on. As directors, we’d then take this feedback and create meaning conversations in class that trigger higher-order thinking and input about the program from the students.

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