Ashley Hall's Professional Education Portfolio

K-12 Certified Music Educator

Substandard A


Knowledge of subject matter and pedagogy with reference to the MCF and other state sponsored resources, for consistent and equitable learning in Michigan schools, including the ability to:

a. Design and implement instruction aligned with the MCF, Universal Education Vision and Principles, and the Michigan Educational Technology Standards;

Before I can teach a single idea or concept in my classroom, I must establish a safe, comfortable learning environment. As part of the Universal Education Vision and Principles, my classroom will be safe for students and comfortable in its atmosphere to make the sharing of ideas and individual expression effortless. I follow three “rules of band” to keep control of my band room;

1). When any individual is standing on the podium, the class is to fall silent and your attention is to be focused on the person up front.

2). There is no playing after class has began or in between pieces.

3). Students are to raise their hands for questions (only medical emergencies that require immediate attention may leave without instruction).

There are also a few other simple rules my classrooms employ, such as no gum or candy in band class (for obvious reasons). But I find the implication of these three standard rules make the class a safe, controlled environment (especially when my smallest classroom still has 63 students).

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