Ashley Hall's Professional Education Portfolio

K-12 Certified Music Educator

Substandard B


Facilitation of learning and achievement of all students (in accordance with the SBE Universal Education Vision and Principles), including the ability to:

b. Assess learning and differentiate instruction to maximize student achievement and to accommodate differences in backgrounds, learning modes, disabilities, aptitudes, interests, and levels of maturity;

This standard addresses the teacher’s ability to independently assess student learning and modify instruction appropriately. While working with a 6th grade band in the fall of 2010, I was presented with a situation that required me to teach to many of these standard’s ideals. The students in that particular group that required the most lesson modification were my percussionists. Six students — four females and two males — made up this section of reluctant band participants. One student did try to actively participate on a daily basis. Three students participated for most of the lesson by had a problem with talking. One student participated for half of the lesson and spent the other half finding ways to make noise and be disruptive. And the last student flat out refused to participate and was harmful to the participating student’s performances by disrupting their playing.

The failing-grade performance assessments, along with the poor class participation, showed me that something must be done for these students if they were to have chance at success. I spent a great deal of time researching new and innovative ways to teach these students during rehearsals. Much of the time, band directors inadvertently ignore the percussion section. Being not harmonic in nature, we tend to forget the importance of our rhythm section.

I created lesson plans that incorporated percussion sectionals and activities such as the “stations activity” that forced these students move around the room and improvise rhythmic material on various auxiliary percussion instruments for music they already knew. By ensuring the students participated in an activity in which they were bond to have some degree of success in, I knew I could start to heal their afflictions towards participating in band.

For a more detailed description of my planning for the “stations activity” lesson plan, please see PSMT Standard 7, Substandard F.

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