Ashley Hall's Professional Education Portfolio

K-12 Certified Music Educator

Substandard A


An understanding and appreciation of general and liberal arts including English, literature, humanities, social sciences, mathematics, natural or physical sciences, and the arts, and the ability to:

a. Synthesize, analyze, reflect upon, and write with clarity and structure about ideas, information, and data from a general and liberal education, and the relationships between the various disciplines;

This substandard addresses the teacher’s ability to present accurate knowledge across various disciplines and synthesize, analyze, and reflect on how these disciplines are related to their own subject area. I had a wonderful opportunity to do this during my Maymester pre-student teaching. I taught a unit plan in a 1st-5th grade special education classroom and the theme of the curriculum unit was “Music in Nature.” I focused the lessons in on how animals communicate, what they are communicating, and why it’s important with specific attention paid toward how they created “music” in the process. To keep the 3-week unit plan focused, we only looked at three animals; squirrels, birds, and frogs.

Even though I am a music teacher, I did extensive research and integrated the science standards into my lessons to make sure that I was accurately teaching the students knowledge facts about squirrels, birds, and frogs. I brought in videos, demonstrations, activities, games, and as a closer a trip to a Nature Center to give these students whatever I could to get hands-on activities and information to help them process this cross-curricular unit plan.

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