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“Ghost, Ghost, Little Ghost!”

One of my favorite ways to teach is to let the students explore a concept without even knowing they’re learning!

I borrowed this idea from Pinterest:

In our K-3rd grade classes, we used “Ghost” and “Little” to represent quarter note “Ta” and eighth note pair “Ti-Ti.” We practiced a few rhythms together on the board and with the use of flashcards. I created new flashcards by copying and pasting the “Ghost” and “Little” into a Microsoft Publisher document:


The next day, we received our own handful of “Ghosts” and “Littles” and began composing our own patterns. We started with a simple four note pattern, moved to six, expanded to eight, practice composing with a partner to sixteen, then split into groups of boys vs. girls for a gigantic class pattern!

Below is an example of a six note student composition:

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