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Hello and Welcome to Ashley Squires’ Professional Education Portfolio!

This is an update on what I have been up to since the completion of my student teaching and graduation from Albion College in December of 2010.

I am now employed as a substitute teacher with Professional Contract Management Inc (PCMI), National Heritage Academies (NHA), and Professional Educational Placement Services (PESG). I work in Calhoun County with the Pennfield School District, Tekonsha Community Schools, Athens Community Schools, and Endeavor Charter Academy. I am currently taking applications for teaching positions for the 2011-2012 school year.

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This portfolio was created as part of the Albion College Fritz Shurmur Education Department requirement for student teaching. It will be used to host examples of my teaching philosophy, applications used within my classrooms that reinforce the Professional Standards for Michigan Teachers, the Albion College Education Department “Habits of Mind,” as well as my own personal unit and lesson plans I have  implemented in the classroom.

Please feel free to comment or email me with any questions! Enjoy! 🙂

A picture of myself teaching 5th Grade Band in the Pennfield School District’s Band Program, 12-3-10

Relevant Teaching Experiences

I have been extremely fortunate in the fact that I have had many relevant teaching experiences and fieldwork placements. Since my standard work reflections cover experiences from so many of my different placements, I wanted to include this post to help lay out the grounds of my teaching history. I have had additional fieldwork opportunities outside of the ones outlined here, but this list highlights any fieldwork placement in which I completed 20 or more hours in the classroom.

Please feel free to reference this list at any time during your review of my standards and habits of mind postings!

Fieldwork Placements:

St. Paul Lutheran Church and Schools, Ann Arbor, MI – Fall 2006

Mr. Bradley Massey, band director, Advanced middle school band ensemble

Mrs. Alaine Massey, general music, 1st and 2nd grade general music classroom

Scarlett Middle School, Ann Arbor, MI 48018 – Fall 2007

Mrs. Deborah Katz, band director, 8th grade band ensemble

Mrs. Greta Barfield, special education teacher, 504 resource room

Mrs. Catherine Campbell, science teacher, 7th grade science classroom

Mrs. Karen McDonald, English teacher, 7th grade English classroom

Carpenter Elementary School, Ann Arbor, MI – Fall 2007

Mrs. Deborah Katz, band director, 5thgrade beginning band

Northwest Community Schools, Jackson, MI – Fall 2008

Mrs. Paula Louagie, general music teacher, Two 4th grade general music classrooms

Homer Community Schools, Homer, MI – Fall 2009

Scott McMeeking, band director, Middle school band ensemble, high school band ensemble

Marshall High School, Marshall, MI – Spring 2010

Mr. Jeremy Root, band director, High school concert and symphonic band ensembles

Harrington Elementary School, Albion, MI – Spring 2010

Mrs. Nancy Polnasek, special education teacher, 1st through 5th grade special education classroom

Mrs. Pam Reichow, paraprofessional, 1st through 5th grade special education classroom

Mr. Steve Hartman, general music teacher, 1st-5th grade music classroom

Student Teaching Placement:

Pennfield High School, Battle Creek, MI – Fall 2010

Mr. Blake Driver, band director, The Pennfield Panther Marching Band and the High School Symphonic Band

Mr. Chuck Dixon, assistant band director, The Pennfield Panther Marching Band

Pennfield Middle School, Battle Creek, MI – Fall 2010

Mr. Blake Driver, band director,  5th, 6th, 7th/8th grade band ensembles

Mr. Chuck Dixon, assistant band director,  5th, 6th, 7th/8th grade band ensembles