Responsibilities and Relationships to the Greater Community:

Participation in professional, local, state, national, and global learning communities, including the ability to:

a. Understand the structure, function, purpose, and value of education and schools in a free, democratic, and pluralistic society;

 In Education 202, I wrote a research paper on the first public school system.  I leared about schools from one room school houses to Dewey schools.

b. Synthesize a teacher’s role in a changing society with the evolution of educational foundations and policy perspectives;

While spending time at the public schools in France, I discussed the role of teachers with many faculty members of the schools in France.  I then brought those conversations to my student teaching placement and talked with my mentor teacher about the role of the teacher in terms of attendance and dicipline.

c. Demonstrate an understanding of and participate in related organizations and activities in the communities in which the teacher works;

The performing arts are very important to Marshall, which I did not realize until I attended a dance recital many of my students were in.  My students greatly appreciated my presence at the event and I felt more of a part of the community.

d. Use community and home resources to enhance school programs and instruction;

 I taught students to use the online database, Mel, which they are able to use at home.  Therefore, studens were able to conduct research at home or at the local library.

e. Design learning activities for students that involve volunteer groups, civic and social organizations, and relevant public service agencies; and

My unit plan for Maymester involved creating student awareness about environmental impacts of past wars and the current War in Iraq.

f. Participate with professional educators, school personnel, and other stakeholders in collaborative and cooperative planning, decision-making, and implementation, to improve educational systems at all levels

 After returning from France, I met with the Sister-City Committee in Albion.  I was able to help foster a stronger relationship between the community of Albion and the sister city in France.  The meeting helped educate the citizens of Albion on what is happening in France and the educational exchange helped bring an American prospective to a middle school in Noisy-le-Roi.

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