Systematic reflection to organize and improve teaching and develop effective relationships, including the ability to:

a.    Uphold the State of Michigan Professional Code of Ethics and engage in meaningful self-evaluation;

I kept the balance between being personal and professional while student teaching by creating a seperate facebook for my students.  I will not allow students to see my personal facebook nor will I accept them as “friends” on my personal facebook.  However, I created a teacher facebook so I am still able to keep in contact with my students even though I am no longer in the classroom with them.

b.    Identify and use current research to reflect on and improve one’s own practice related to content, technology, pedagogy, and other factors that impact student achievement;

While student teaching, I conducted an action research project using current research and best practices on student motivation and reading.

c.    Develop positive relationships with other teachers, parents/guardians, students, administrators, counselors, and other personnel to benefit students and to influence one’s own professional growth;

 I am fortunate enough to have made many connections with other staff members at Marshall High School while student teaching.  One piece of evidence for these connections is a letter of recommendation I received as a surprise from the teacher whose class is located next to mine. 

d.    Analyze the effects of teacher dispositions, decisions, and actions upon others (e.g., families, other personnel, and all students, including those with disabilities) and adjust interactions accordingly;

I reflected on my frustration with students who did not attend school and expected for me to continue to support them in terms of notes and missed work.  After self-reflection, I realized that these students have many situations happening at home that I am not aware of and that I need to continue to reflect on my personal feelings and consider when and why students reach out to me as a teacher.

e.    Embrace and model teaching as a lifelong learning process and continue efforts to develop professionally;

In order for students to keep using the tools they learned during the research paper unit, the librarian and I created a website containing MLA and citation help.  Students will be using these tools for many years to come and now have a place to refer to if they need help beyond English 10.

f.    Involve and work effectively with parents/guardians and implement school-wide parent involvement plans to maximize opportunities for student achievement and success;

Along with giving students progress reports and extra credit opportunities, parents were given the same pieces of information at parent teacher conferences and on parent web.

g.    Interact with parents/guardians using best practices for personal and technology-based communication, to maximize student learning at school, home, and in the local community; and

Marshall High School uses the program Zangle to publish student grades which parents, students, and teachers have access to.  During stuent teaching, I was responsible for updating the site daily with student information.

h.    Participate in the development of individualized plans for students with disabilities (Individual Education Plan (IEP)).

I became very close with the special education teachers during my student teaching who were also responsible for keeping IEP information.  I was sure to inform myself on the IEPs of my students and I made adjustments for students with IEPs.  For example, I often gave a student with ADHD a koosh ball to play with in class when he was having an “off” day.

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